The 10 Lenses presents a creative, insightful way to explore the cultural mindset differences that are shaping our increasingly polarized environment. Today, issues related to race, culture, and ethnicity are polarized, politicized, and intense. These identity issues can seem like impenetrable barriers to communication and collaboration and can be frustratingly tricky to maneuver.

The 10 Lenses is a research-based framework developed in partnership with the Gallup Organization that vividly describes how people view race, ethnicity, and cultural identity differences through 10 distinct "lenses," or belief systems. This series includes these Touch Points:

  • The Assimilationist/Traditionalist and The Multiculturalist
  • The Victim Caretaker/Champion and The Colorblind
  • The Meritocratist and The Elitist

The 10 Lenses Series explores cultural mindsets in today's environment.

Recognize the divergent worldviews, mindsets, and belief systems we face every day

The 10 Lenses Series

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Blended Learning

The 10 Lenses is a blended learning Series that helps learners recognize divergent worldviews, mindsets, and belief systems we each face daily within our organizations and with our external stakeholders. The 10 Lenses helps us understand why our colleagues and community members have different takes on important issues like:

  • National identity
  • Diversity, inclusion, assimilation, multiculturalism, and competing belief systems
  • Power, privilege, and systemic advantage
  • Oppression, equity, and overt and unconscious bias
  • Changing demographics, majority/minority relationships, and polarizing cultural and group dynamics

A Framework for Understanding

The 10 Lenses Series provides a framework to understand and appreciate our lenses and the lenses of others. As learners engage, we increase our ability to build bridges, manage conflict, and find common ground in everyday cross-cultural situations with colleagues and community stakeholders. The Series includes independent learning, assessments, and facilitated learning by our expert team. The 10 Lenses Series helps learners recognize:

  • competing mindsets, and agendas related to diversity and inclusion
  • which Lenses are playing out in organizations
  • the strengths and biases of each Lens and how they play out in managers' everyday experiences
  • how to respond to the Lenses within their organization and society
  • how the Lenses are embedded in organizational and societal systems and policies
  • how the Lenses play out between internal and external stakeholders
The Lenses are beneficial for leaders and managers because it helps them:
  • provide better guidance or manage more effectively in situations where people are operating out of conflicting Lenses
  • recognize how the Lenses influence management responsibilities such as hiring, assignments, advancement, and mentoring

10 Lenses Framework

A Voice for Everyone

A Voice for Everyone

The 10 Lenses speaks to everyone – regardless of their roles and status within their organization and community. The 10 Lenses provides a safe, experiential, and engaging learning environment where learners talk openly about how we can take steps together to connect and collaborate to build more inclusive workplaces and communities.

The 10 Lenses has been used in Global 500 corporations, non-profit organizations, communities, higher education institutions, local and federal governments, industry conferences, and at secondary schools with faculty and students. It has been successful -- from the C-Suite to the mailroom -- because it speaks to everyone in a compelling manner.

"Twenty years from now, people will reflect upon this work and cite it as one of the fundamental drivers of successful diversity management."

Sharon S. HallPartner, Spencer Stuart Executive Search Consultants

"A brilliantly innovative approach to making conscious what is often implicit in the dialog on diversity."

Dr. Philip J. StoneHarvard University

"Folks at Chevron are still talking about the great job you did at our Diversity Conference. You created a most memorable event. Thank you!"

Patricia A. WoertzFormer CEO Chevron Products Corporation


the 10 Lenses Series

Respond to the mindsets shaping our reality and worldview