Responding to the Moments, Movements, and Mindsets Shaping Our Reality

The Inclusion Channel is a subscription-based learning platform that provides content and tools to help organizations develop highly inclusive teams and workforces.

Our Mission

To support organizations, teams, networks, and communities to succeed in a world where personal, professional, cultural, national, and global identity is at the nexus of every relationship.

What We Do

We address the inherent challenges that large organizations face as they attempt to scale organization-wide learning on complex social issues in ongoing, timely and meaningful ways.

How We Do It

We deliver fresh content and tools to DE&I leaders which guide individuals, teams, and organizations on ways to perform better through the adoption of identity, diversity, and inclusion principles.

Our learning platform provides an ecosystem of continuous virtural learning.Blended learning reflective of and responsive to today's complex social and organizational realities

The Inclusion Channel Approach

Our approach is to develop blended learning series for independent, group and team learning that encourages participants to engage in private, reflective time, along with group and team learning embedded in shared experiences, knowledge, and ideas for improvement. Each client's roll-out strategy differs based on their organization’s unique factors, readiness, resources, and needs. The specific e-learnings series includes:

  • The Social and Organizational Leadership Series
  • The Inclusive Organizations Series
  • The Building Inclusive Teams Series
  • The 10 Lenses Series
  • The Organizational Fit Series

The Inclusion Channel was created by Organizational Development and Diversity subject experts and practitioners.

We provide blended learning reflective of, and responsive to, today's complex social and organizational realities

The Inclusion Channel

The Inclusion Channel:

  • Collects and delivers aggregate data from assessments embedded in eLearning modules.
  • Employs an on-demand, SaaS-based technology that can be used on our platform or any Learning Management System.
  • Provides evergreen content with continuously refreshed learning, resources, and support tools from a variety of sources.
  • Provides content reflective of today's complex social environment that includes polarization, fragmentation, regional conflict, and heightened partisan, racial, and gender identity issues.
  • Emphasizes the recognition and understanding of divergent worldviews, mindsets, lenses, and belief systems.
  • Collects and delivers aggregate data from assessments embedded in eLearning modules.
  • Unifies HR, D&I, and Learning & Development functions related to identity, diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  • Employs a software-as-a-service-based platform that can be used as stand-alone or within a Learning Management System.

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Our Team

Mark Williams

Founder, The Inclusion Channel
Mark Williams is the Founder of The Inclusion Channel and a highly regarded thought leader, consultant, coach, public speaker, and author in the DE&I arena. READ MORE

Kristen Vorhes

Director of Finance
Kristen Vorhes brings 35 years of experience in project management and the creation of structures and procedures to keep projects and finances on track. READ MORE

Laurie Williams

Director of Client Relations/Operations
Laurie Williams has more than 25 years’ experience in organizational management with private and public sector clients in the healthcare, education and arts fields. READ MORE

Alexandra Carlson

Director of Online Education
Alexandra Carlson is actively involved in the daily management of the many moving parts of the products, events, and projects of The Inclusion Channel. READ MORE

Andy Andrus

Instructional Designer
Andy Andrus is a dynamic and creative instructional designer with over 20 years of experience. READ MORE

Tetchie Lopez

Full Stack Developer
Tetchie Lopez has over 7 years of experience as a full stack developer to the Inclusion Channel team. READ MORE

Jennifer Gomez

Web Designer / Developer
Jennifer Gomez brings her vast experience as a Web Designer / CSS Developer and a Graphic Artist. READ MORE

Sue Lamb

Senior Consultant
Sue Ries Lamb has over 35 years of successful experience as a consultant, executive coach and educator... READ MORE

Richard Schaeff

Senior Consultant
Rich Schaeff has spent the bulk of his career facilitating large-scale culture change within the manufacturing, healthcare, and conservation industries. READ MORE

Elena Feliz

Senior Consultant
Elena Feliz, an Organization Development (OD) Consultant, is the Principal for Feliz Consulting. She has helped to create high performing teams and ... READ MORE

Rianna Moore

Senior Consultant
Rianna Moore is a human-and-organization development consultant, coach, and diversity-inclusion specialist with 35+ years’ experience in corporate, government, ... READ MORE

Stephanie Carroll

Senior Consultant
Stephanie Carroll is an innovative behavioral scientist who puts over 15 years of experience and in-depth knowledge to work in facilitating global... READ MORE

Adonis Hoffman

Senior Consultant
Adonis Hoffman, Esq. is chairman and CEO of Business in the Public Interest, and Adjunct Professor of Communication, Culture & Technology at... READ MORE


Senior Consultant
J. Bruce Stewart currently serves as Managing Partner, Vitruvian Worldwide, a management consulting firm specializing in inclusive diversity. READ MORE

Maria Martinez

Senior Consultant
With over a decade of experience working with various institutions to dismantle systemic inequities, Maria Martinez deeply understands and disadvantages... READ MORE

Mariko Helm

Strategy Consultant
Mariko Helm provides strategic support for product development, process improvement, business strategy, pricing, and stakeholder engagement. READ MORE

Noah Prince

DEI Senior Consultant
Noah brings his experience as a speaker, facilitator and consultant to business and organizational leaders. His focus is on culture, leadership... READ MORE