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Our learning platform provides an ecosystem of continuous virtual learning.Blended learning reflective of and responsive to today's complex social and organizational realities

Our Newest Series

Social and Organizational Leadership

The Social and Organizational Leadership Series focuses on the (NEW) mindsets and skills needed to navigate the intersecting organizational and social issues that stakeholders will bring to your doorstep.

Because polarization, hyper-partisanship, and intense cultural divides are at the nexus of every relationship, this series prepares leaders to grapple with and traverse the daunting reality of the complex, gritty identity dilemmas they face.


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Social and Organizational Leadership

What is the
Inclusion Channel?

Platform Overview

The Inclusion Channel platform is unique. We have combined digital learning with expert guidance, just-in-time tools, and networking to help employees address diversity and inclusion challenges.

The platform allows employees to perform better together by accelerating their ability to recognize and respond to divergent identities, realities, and worldviews.

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When participants learn, so do organizations and teams.

Our online modules and facilitated series aggregate learner data through embedded assessments

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Social and Organizational Crises

Mindsets and skills to navigate organizational and social issues.

The Social and Organizational Leadership Series is a timely experience that helps leaders understand the nexus of business and community leadership in today’s identity-based, crisis-driven, complex social environments.

Inclusive Organizations

DE&I that focuses on both organizational and individual considerations.

This Series is built upon five pillars that provide a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and mindsets needed to lead an inclusive workforce.

Building Inclusive Teams

Emphasizes a work culture that recognizes differences while connecting through commonalities.

Experience independent and team learning through online tools, virtual team sessions, and guidance from expert consultants to foster psychological safety, social sensitivity, and clear and unbiased team norms.

The 10 Lenses

Explore the different cultural mindsets shaping today's increasingly polarized environment.

The 10 Lenses is a research-based framework developed with the Gallup Organization that vividly describes how people view race, ethnicity, and cultural identity differences through 10 distinct "lenses," or belief systems.

Organizational Fit

A Guide to identify, assess and respond to informal and unwritten norms.

The Series focuses on the formal and informal norms, rules, traditions, and unwritten criteria that are embedded and operate invisibly in your organization's or team's culture.

Microlearning Resources

Videos, games, assessments, and more.

Work with our consultants to choose from our library of continuous learning content to address the needs of specific challenges your organization may face.

How it Works

Our approach is to develop blended learning series for independent, group, and team learning that encourages participants to engage in private, reflective time, along with group and team learning embedded in shared experiences, knowledge, and ideas for improvement.
Each client's roll-out strategy differs based on their organization’s unique factors, readiness, resources, and needs.

Step 1: Talk to Us

Schedule a free consultation with one of our expert trainers and consultants to explore how we can create a solution to meet the needs of the challenges you face.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Develop a learning pathway populated with content and tools selected from our library or we’ll customize content that meets your specific needs.

Step 3: Roll it Out

The Inclusion Channel platform is ready to facilitate learners along their learning path and continuously provide tools, resources, and insights to help them on their way.

Step 4: Monitor and Revise

Use our reports and metrics to view progress and track organizational change. We're there to help you decide "what's next" as you meet one goal and move to the next.

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