Divergent cultural identity experiences have led to intense polarization and hyper-partisanship, and a deepening lack of trust in core institutions. This trend will continue to disrupt organizations and communities for the foreseeable future.
The Social and Organizational Leadership Series focuses on the necessary mindsets and skills needed to navigate the intersecting organizational and social issues that stakeholders will bring to your doorstep.

  • Learn how hidden social legacies impact your interactions with colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Learn to have open business conversations about the movements that support and counter diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism.
  • Recognize social power dynamics that affect your organization and community.
  • Learn to discuss competing narratives and realities that contribute to misunderstanding and conflict between stakeholders.
  • Recognize the identity-related conflicts that impair organizational effectiveness AND social cohesion so you can become a more effective corporate and community leader.

The Social and Organizational Leadership Series is a timely experience.

Participants will learn to understand the nexus of business and community leadership in today’s complex social environments

The Series Includes Six Modules

The Identity Crash

Recognizing the impact that competing histories, experiences, facts, social agendas, social media narratives, cultural experiences, and worldviews have on you and your organization.

Your Identity Database

Reflecting on the data you store in your "identity database" and considering their impact on your worldview.

Dimensions of Identity

Exploring how your core identity dimensions shape how you show up at work and in the community. Explore how they also shape your decisions and interactions with colleagues and stakeholders.

Social Legacies

Exploring the historical forces at play in your life and learning to identify and interpret how they impact national identity, cultural communities, and organizations.

Social Power

Assessing the different levels of social power you and your stakeholders hold and how those with lower social power coalesce with allies to increase their influence and amplify their voices.

Social Movements

Recognizing the importance of social movements - what's behind them, and how they can impact you, your employees, and your organization.

Meet the Experts

Mark Williams

Mark Williams is the founder of MarkusWorks. He has provided consultation for a wide variety... READ MORE

Adonis Hoffman

Adonis Hoffman, Esq. is chairman and CEO of Business in the Public Interest, and Adjunct Professor... READ MORE

Mike Paul

Mike Paul is president of Reputation Doctor® LLC. He is a top strategic, public relations... READ MORE


Dr. J. Bruce Stewart, founder and CEO of Small World Solutions, is one of the leading thought... READ MORE

the Social and Organizational Leadership Series

Are you Prepared to Face Today’s Complex Social Environments?