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We Develop Amazing Diversity and Inclusion, Equity and, Identity Learning for Organizations, Teams, Networks, And Communities

Our mission is to support organizations, teams, networks and communities succeed in a world where personal, professional, cultural, national and global identity is at the nexus of every relationship.

We believe it's time to ask hard questions and engage in deeper thought and conversation about the relevance of some of our old approaches related to how we achieve both unity and diversity in a new age, born of the convergence of:
  • Economic Globalization
  • Unbounded Technology
  • Demographic Shifts
  • Mass Migration
  • Unresolved Social Legacies
  • The Explosion of Social Media

We provide Relevant content for a changing world

We offer an innovative blended learning platform that includes workshops, eLearning, digital and print news and information everyone responds to the identity rich environments at work and in communities. Our content is evergreen and ever-ready reflecting the dynamic and urgent dilemmas of identity and diversity from the personal to global. When we add new content, we'll alert you.

As an Inclusion Channel client, you have access to our extensive catalog of content that will phase in over 150 modules. Our products and services can be delivered remotely or in-person based on what's best for your organization, team or network. Our content and platform includes: eLearning, microlearning, gamification, live or virtual workshops and webinars, and train the trainer programs

The Inclusion Channel content is developed collaboratively by Organization Development and Diversity, Inclusion Practitioners, Social Scientist, Social Media experts, Training, Curriculum and development specialists. We base our content on sound organization and cultural change principles. Since the world is always changing, so will our content.


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Curated Diversity, Inclusion And Equity News And Analysis From The Identity Post

Our partner, The Identity Post, provides up-to-date and relevant content on all things related to diversity and inclusion, identity, and equity. The Identity Post supports the formal learning within the Inclusion Channel.