The 10 Lenses: Are You a Seclusionist?

By: | July 31, 2017

Seclusionists feel strongly that they should protect themselves and their values from racial, cultural and/or identity groups that they feel diminish the power, character and quality of their group’s experiences within society. The Seclusionist believes that the only viable solution to societal conflicts and challenges related to cultural and group identity is for different identity groups to live and work apart.

“Birds of a feather flock together.”


  • Seclusionists inform society when they are not ready nor is it safe to co-mingle people from different identity groups and perspectives.
  • The Seclusion mindset allows groups to peacefully separate from society (for example the Amish) and exercise control of how they live their lives.
  • Seclusion can be an effective method for protecting the integrity of a way of life.
  • Seclusionists have extreme loyalty to their own kind and their heritage.


  • Seclusionists have the propensity to form exclusive communities or small sects or sub-groups often based on fear, misunderstanding or mistrust of others.
  • They are severely limited in their ability to be successful in today’s globally-interconnected society.
  • In extreme cases, Seclusionists can perpetuate ignorance, hatred and violence between various identity groups.
  • Seclusionists resist social change that is inevitable.


The Seclusionist seeks to avoid contact with people of different races, cultures and identity dimensions that he or she disapproves of or considers harmful. Whenever possible, they choose places to live and jobs, departments and/or office locations that will allow them to have the comfort of co-workers of their own background – whether that be racial, religiously, politically, or in all aspects. When in mixed groups, the Seclusionist tends to maintain their isolated stance and, when they feel at risk of exposure or public censure, they typically withdraw from the situation. Seclusionists are very reluctant to give or receive feedback across cultural identity differences. They are uncomfortable being peers or subordinate to coworkers whom they fear as an inherent threat to their worldview or way of life.

If a company advances the career of too many Seclusionists within an organization that contains lots of differences, it will tend to have a demoralizing and demotivating impact on all people of difference in an organization.

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