The 10 Lenses: Are you a Transcendent?

By: | July 31, 2017

The Transcendent lens focuses on the human spirit, our universal connection and our shared humanity. The Transcendent elevates our belief about each soul in relation to the divine and to one another. Race, ethnicity and nationality are seen as part of God or the Universe’s plan. The Transcendent sees difference as contributing to the richness of humanity rather than threatening any particular identity within humanity.

“There’s really only one race, the human race.”


  • Transcendents promote and model love and tolerance and acceptance of all people.
  • They focus on the opportunities and possibilities of today and tomorrow rather than on the grievances of yesterday.
  • Can inspire us to forgive the history between us which includes hurtful and harmful actions, misunderstandings and grudges.
  • Help us heal ourselves and our relationships.
  • Remind us of the connections that bind us together most deeply.
  • Help create organizational cultures which emphasize social responsibility and global community.


  • Can believe that they are the only ones talking to God or the higher power and their perspective is indisputably right and morally unassailable.
  • May believe that their open religious and social point of view entitles them to force their perspective of openness and tolerance on others.
  • May view people from some cultures – especially traditional and conservative cultures – as needing to be converted to their beliefs because they are otherwise inferior or less-than-human.
  • When militant or radical, Transcendents can feel justified in the use of violence as a means to force their religious political agenda and doctrine on others.

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