Are you a Cosmopolitan?

By: | June 5, 2017

In his article for Vox entitled, Cosmopolitanism must win the war, or we’re screwed, David Roberts of Vox, David argues that Cosmopolitanism is a worldview that we cannot afford to minimize or discard. David writes that:

“It is through the cosmopolitan impulse that we construct stable, transpartisan institutions and norms that enable us to set aside immediate tribal interests in favor of mutual long-term benefit. Science, for example, is impossible without cosmopolitanism.” read the artical and see what you think about the analaysis and ideas.

In an article posted on the Harvard Business review, entitled In defense of Cosmopolitanism, Gianpiero Petriglieri argues that:

If we want to fend off the globalization of ultra-nationalism, now is the time to take a stand for cosmopolitanism—extricating its broadminded attitude from its elitist parody, and putting it to work to temper nationalism and humanize globalization.”

Mr. Petriglieri is an associate professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, where he directs the Management Acceleration Programme, the school’s flagship executive program for emerging leaders. A medical doctor and psychiatrist by training, Gianpiero researchers, and practices leadership development. You can follow him on Twitter @gpetriglieri.

Are these just two elitists engaging in meaningless debate about worldviews that are detached from reality or are they issuing an urgent warning about the direction that nationalism can take the world? Based on the descriptions of Cosmopolitanism do you hold this worldview?

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