August 2018

Dealing with the Rise of Intolerance and Racism

By: | August 13, 2018

How am I dealing With the Rise of Intolerance and Racism? Not very well. After the white supremacist events of Charlottesville last year, something was different for me. My feelings of anger and despair reached a tipping point. I have perceived an increased persistent threat due to increased racism. I also realized that my racial […]

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Advisory Services

By: | August 9, 2018

The MultiDentity dynamic is the interaction between multiple identity groups, individuals, and networks with differing viewpoints and agendas, competing for power within society. You need a new kind of identity intelligence to succeed in a global, multichannel, multilayered, fragmented, colorful, fast-moving, impatient, tech-driven world, exciting for the opportunities and frightening for the disruption it brings. […]

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