February 2016

How Your Identity is Shaped Through Food

By: | February 11, 2016

There are many elements to your identity that express who you are. What you wear, where you live, the music you listen to, the fiends you have. But what about the food you eat? How can food help you understand your identity and how does what you eat influence others interpretation of you? We symbolically […]

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Review: ‘Moonlight’, Stereotypes and a Beautiful Story

By: | February 8, 2016

My first reaction to the description of Moonlight was that it was just another story about a poor inner-city black kid from a fatherless home growing up in the hopelessness and despair of oppression. Because of the buzz, it was getting; I cynically said this movie would win an Oscar as the Academy’s makeup film […]

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United We Stand?

By: | February 5, 2016

Today, statements like “United We Stand” seem nostalgic and na

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