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What is the Inclusion Channel Network?

The Inclusion Channel Network allows businesses to learn more about how identity and inclusion challenges are playing out with their external educational, civic, and non-profit and community stakeholders. The network enables organizations and communities to be:
  • Interconnected, so significant progress on responding to complicated issues can be collaborative
  • On the front lines of dealing with hyper-polarization across identity dimensions
  • Armed with the resources to intervene within their own systems and organizations on behalf of fairness, inclusion, and unity within their identity-rich environments
The Network will provide new thought leadership, acquired through our members' first-hand observations and experiences on the front lines, as they respond to real-time and long-term strategic identity dilemmas from the personal and cultural, to the national and global.
OUR Mission

The Inclusion Channel Network's mission is to provide underwritten diversity, inclusion and identity-based content, tools, information and learning experiences to representatives from .edu, .org, .gov organizations.

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Each edu, .gov, .org, organization is eligible to receive five membership seats per organization for senior leaders from the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Membership, Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion, Customer & Client Relations, Recruiting, Community Relations, and Government Relations. To apply for Membership in the Inclusion Channel Network, please contact us.